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How to lead a Successful Workshop

Thirty people attended this highly interactive workshop to learn how to lead a successful workshop on any topic. Working with real-life June 14-Workshop-Derekexamples in a team-based format, participants walked away with:

• An awareness of the principal components of preparing and holding a workshop
• Knowledge of the key elements necessary for your desired outcome
• Tips and techniques to enhance your presentation style

Participants were broken up into groups where they were given a limited amount of time on a particular situation. The topics included:

  • Being a job counselor and helping students find a job during a recession
  • Being a real estate agent and helping people sell their house

All participants were given different sections of the presentation to present to the group. Not only did it teach the team members to be organized but as well it taught them how to use the time effectively to make sure each section of their presentation was covered thoroughly. Every single team had to then present their presentation in front of all the participants and then field questions and have Gilles Robert critique. Everyone in the group found it beneficial and some participants have already mentioned that what they learned they had already applied to training they provided. As once participant mentioned, “The workshop on “How to Lead a Successful Workshop”, presented by Gilles Robert, was a fast paced, high energy, hands on experience. I took away some valuable tips that I can easily apply to my next workshop presentation.”

About Gilles Robert, Workshop Facilitator

Gilles Robert, ACG, CL, is a trainer, author and speaker. As a professional trainer, Gilles has more than eight years’ experience helping clients in Canada and the United States develop their communication and leadership skills. Gilles was invited to speak on leadership at the Toastmasters International 2006 Convention in Washington, D.C., in addition to leading conference workshops and executive officer training within District 60 Toastmasters.

Gilles currently holds the position of Finance Manager for District 60 Toastmasters and also served as the District’s Secretary and Conference Chair.