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Frequently asked questions about Toastmasters

Before guests attend meetings at our club, we often get several questions asked. Here are the most common ones we get from guests. If you have any other questions aside from the ones below, feel free to go to the ‘How to Join’ page to contact us directly.

How does Toastmasters work?
Toastmasters uses an experiential hands-on workshop model, along with a proven communication and leadership training program to help club members grow as public speakers, communicators and leaders.

What kind of skills do you learn when being part of Toastmasters?
Over 75 years, Toastmaster members have learned hundreds of skills. Here are some of the top ones that we hear from most members:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Leading a team of people
  • Motivating and Inspiring others to see your point of view
  • Getting a career they enjoy
  • Learning how to negotiate
  • Being able to think on your feet quickly
  • Getting your point across to other people effectively
  • Developing great listening skills
  • Providing constructive feedback to others

Is there a fee to attend a club meeting?
There are no fees to attend a meeting as a guest.

Do I need to bring anything to a club meeting?
No, you are not required to bring anything to a meeting.

Can I Bring a friend or co-worker to the meeting with me?
Absolutely. Guests are always welcome.

Why do people join Toastmasters?
Everyone at some level is afraid of speaking in public. You are no different. Remember that every member is there because he or she realized that they needed help in speaking in front of an audience. You will be surprised how supportive a Toastmasters club really is. You already know that communication and leadership skills are essential in both business and home life environments.

What is it like to attend a typical Toastmasters meeting?
Watch this video to help you understand what happens during a meeting.