Remove turkey from Brine, and transfer to a large sheet pan lined with paper towels; discard Brine. Pat turkey with paper towels until completely dry, and then sprinkle both sides evenly with Rub (do not massage Rub into turkey). Tuck wing tips behind breasts, and place turkey (skin side up) on sheet pan. Let stand at room temperature 1 hour. I have smoked everything under the sun. Smoked turkey is great! But 180 degrees will leave your turkey like sawdust! 160 in the breast is best and it will still be cooking while it rests. (Brine it and it will always be juicy.) Also smoking a Turkey at 240 degrees will take a full day and half a night to reach those kind of internal temperatures. Smoke until turkey registers 155 to 161 degrees F (68 degrees C to 71 degrees C). Wrap turkey breast in heavy-duty aluminum foil, then wrap in several layers of thick towels, and allow to rest for about 45 minutes. The residual heat will finish cooking the turkey breast to a … Jan 20, 2017 · Try this recipe: Smoky Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili This turkey chili recipe packs some serious orange power, thanks to sweet potatoes. They're … I made a lot of changes - used cut up chicken breast instead of thighs, turkey smoked sausage, and cooked rice separately. I also added Old Bay about halfway through and cooked it for 8 hrs on low. It was pretty good but a little juicy b/c I had cooked the rice separately. Looking forward to … Whether you're considering smoking your Thanksgiving Turkey or simply looking for a new way to present your fowl to a table full of hungry family members and loved ones, smoked turkey breast is only a few easy steps away. With only a handful of autumnal ingredients — apple cider and fresh thyme and rosemary sprigs to name a few — the recipe requires a mere 20 minutes of hands-on time while ... Jul 27, 2020 · Pellet Grill Smoked Turkey With Montreal Seasoning Recipe. Our Pellet Grill Smoked Turkey With Montreal Seasoning is so tender the meat just falls off the bone. All you need to do to keep the bird steady while cooking is gently crack or spread out the rib cage—just don’t forget to be gentle with the breast … Apr 29, 2021 · Common sandwich deli meats include turkey, ham, roast beef, or bologna. Try different types of cheeses with your sandwich. Common choices are Swiss, American, Cheddar, Muenster, and Provolone. You can also use whole pieces of meat, like chicken breast or piece of steak, to make a heartier sandwich.