Apr 03, 2020 · Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin & Gravy – only 4 ingredients!! Pork tenderloin, gravy mix, cream of chicken soup, and chicken broth. Such a great weeknight meal! Just dump everything in the crockpot and let it work its magic! Serve over hot steamed rice or potatoes with some green beans. SO easy and kid-friendly too! Oct 18, 2018 · Slow-Cooker Pork Chops Everyone will enjoy these fork-tender, slow-cooker pork chops with a creamy, light gravy. Serve with a green vegetable, mashed potatoes and coleslaw or a salad. These are the best slow cooker pork chops. —Sue Bingham, Madisonville, Tennessee Oct 10, 2018 · The only shock to me is that you can make it in a slow cooker! I have always made it as a casserole. To make it in the oven you preheat it to 350 degrees and bake it for 20-25 minutes, with the chicken being previously boiled on the stove top until it is done. Nov 11, 2015 · Slow Cooker Steak Soup – sirloin roast, beef broth, onion soup mix, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, and egg noodles. Cooks all day in the crockpot – even the noodles. Serve with some crusty bread for an easy weeknight meal! Feb 12, 2020 · What you need for gravy. Here’s all you need to make a really great gravy from scratch: chicken and beef stock cubes, butter and flour. Chicken AND beef stock cubes (aka bouillon cubes) – for flavour and colour. Chicken is the base flavour, beef gives it oomph and gives it a nice deep brown colour rather than an unappetising pale brown. Nov 01, 2017 · Slow Cooker Tips. Cooking slow cooker dinner recipes is not hard! But I have come up with a few tips that will make it even easier for you during cooking and cleanup!. Slow cooker size: The most common size to get for a slow cooker is 5-6 quarts. These are big enough to cook a meal for a family but not small like the appetizer ones.